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Excellent for packing & preserving vegetables like potato, onion, ginger, garlic, cabbage etc. and fruits like pineapple, citrus fruits, raw mango, coconut etc.

Leno Bag Specifications
The Leno bag can be made of varied  width between 20cm – 72cm. The length can be as per customer’s requirement. The mesh again can be as per requirement with a maximum of 574 tapes in the Warp. It can be in different colours.

Some Readily Available Sizes:

Size (In cm)
Width x height

56.0  x  105.0

50 Kg Potato/ Onion

45.8  x  84.0

25 Kg Potato/ Onion

30.5 x  66.0

10 Kg Potato / Onion

The Leno Bag is made of netted fabric of virgin Polypropylene (PP) with colour Masterbatch.

Our Lenobags have  high gloss finish with transluscent tapes.

Quality Check
Our QC team ensures that the Leno Bags are produced with strict measures of quality control, absolutely in line with international standards.

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